Paper Submission Guideline

International Conference on New Frontiers in Engineering, Science, Law, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences 2019



23rd  and 24th FEBRUARY 2019

Last date of submission of abstract: 21st February, 2019 (Extended)

Last date of submission of full paper: 22nd February, 2019 (Extended)

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This format is given for submission of full paper into the proceeding of INFES-2019


INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS: (Kindly use this template for submission of paper)















*Contact email: Include institutional email address of the corresponding author


full names and e-mails.

[NOTE: it is the corresponding authors responsibility to inform all co-authors if submitting as a companion paper to a research article]

*CATEGORY: Please select a CATEGORY(Session of the paper) for your manuscript from the list to assign your manuscript to a Referee specializing in your subject area.

Please fill in the template below, and delete all instruction text above and below before submitting.



Template of Research Paper for INFES-2019

<Title, 18 point, Bold>

Author and Co-Authors Name: Name Surname1, Name Surname<14 point>

Affiliation  <12 point>

Name of organization, City, Country, e-mail,   <12 point>



Abstract: This article gives you important guidelines for the preparation of a research paper for publication in Research Publish Journals. Basic information regarding Paper Margin, Font Face, Font Size, Table, Graphs, Figure etc. are described in this Template. The abstract is between 150 to 250 words and cannot have references in it. Abstract gives the idea of research process, and its significance in brief. This document gives you layout for preparation of Manuscript (inclusive of this abstract) and can be used as template.  <10 point>


Keyword: The author gives 4 – 10 keywords which are related to the major part of their research work. <10 point>



  1. INTRODUCTION <11 point, Bold>


The introduction of paper contains the nature of research work, purpose of work, and the contribution of this paper. It contains the significance of the present work. This template is in Word document, provides authors with most of the formatting specifications required by the author for preparation of their research paper. <10 point>


  1. MAJOR FORMAT GUIDELINES <11 point, Bold>


  1. Page Layout and Font Used <10 point, Bold, Italic>


Authors are advised to prepare their Manuscript in separate A4 size document and cut or copy their research paper and paste it in this template. Other option is use this Template for writing their research work. All the research work of authors is only accepted in ENGLISH language and Font face is TIMES NEW ROMAN only. Major font and paragraph specifications are given in TABLE I.  Number style used may be Number or Roman Numerals depends on author way of writing Manuscript. Heading and Subheading of the section is written as “I. INTRODUCTION”. Try to keep Manuscript precise and not more than 8-10 pages. All the body text is justified (not heading and sub heading).  Major details of paper layout are given in TABLE II.



Fonts: Times New Roman Font Size Text Align
Title of Paper 14 Bold Centre
Author’s Name 14 Normal Centre
Author Affiliation 12 Normal Centre
Abstract And Keywords 12 Bold Justify
Headings 11 Bold Centre
Sub Headings 10 Bold  or/and Italic Left/Centre
Body Text, Equations 10 Normal Justify
References 9 Normal Justify
Acknowledgement 9 Normal Justify





Header 1.2 cm
Footer 1.2 cm
Line Spacing for Body Text Single
Top Margins of Paper 2 cm
Bottom Margins of Paper 1.6 cm
Left Margins of Paper 2.1 cm
Right Margins of Paper 1.6 cm


  1. Figures, Graphs and Tables


Figures, graphs and tables should be inside the margins and text of page. Figure caption is placed below the figures and written as Fig. 1. Similarly, Table caption is placed above the Tables and written as TABLE I. Figures, Graph and Tables captions are flush centre and labels should be legible, 9 point. Fig. 1, is used for referring figure in the text body. Similarly, Tables and Graphs are used for referring table and graph in the text body. First figure starts from Fig. 1 and last figure ends with Fig. N (N is last figure of research paper).



III. CONCLUSION <11 point, Bold>


Conclusion section is mandatory and contains advantages, disadvantages, review the main part of research paper and use of research work. If author want to acknowledge someone, then acknowledgement section should include in research paper after conclusion

REFERENCES <10 point, Bold>

References are most important part of research paper therefore each citation must be right and complete. Authors are requested to use such references which are readily available. Reference used in the text body is in square bracket like [1] and for group of reference it is like [1], [2]. Method of writing references is given below. <10 point>


[1].    V. P. Gountis and A. G. Bakirtzis, “Bidding strategies for electricity producers in a competitive electricity marketplace,” IEEE Trans. Power System, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 356–365, Feb. 2004.

[2].    J. Clerk Maxwell, “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism”, 3rd ed., vol. 2. Oxford: Clarendon, 1892, pp.68–73, Year.

[3].    R. Benato and A. Paolucci, EHV AC Undergrounding Electrical Power. Performance and Planning. New York: Springer, pp.70-85, April 2010,.