Guideline for Oral Presentation

Consider the sequence and relevancy of slides. The current slide should build a path to next slide

Use graphs and charts to illustrate your prominent points. Those will help the audience to clearly understand the content.

Oral presenters will be allocated 10 minutes for their presentation and 2 minutes for questions and answers with the audience. If the presentation exceeds 10 minutes, the moderator with the permission of the Chair of the session will shorten the Q& A period that follows the presentation.

The presentation should be made with the optimum number of slides as per the guideline of the conference and it will be completed within 10 minutes. The content slides should give an overview of the research with conclusions and future research direction.

Please note that QR codes, and bar codes are not permitted on slides for oral presentations.

Slide Format

INFES- 2019 will support only MS PowerPoint. Please ensure that all presentations are in this given format. High definition (HD) projectors will be used for all INFES sessions. Please apply widescreen formatting when preparing your slides (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920 x 1080).

Slide Submission

Speakers must submit their PPT by email or it should be shared by using Google drive on or before 20th February, 2019.