Dr. Ziya A. Pathan Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019

Title: Tourism Culture and its Impact on Sustainable Development in Relation to Ethiopia

 Dr. Ziya A. Pathan

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Ambo University, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Africa

Title of presentation: Tourism Culture and its Impact on Sustainable Development in Relation to Ethiopia


Tourism is an activity involves travelling to and staying in places outside one’s usual environment for less than a year and the main purpose of travel is other than the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited.  Tourism is perceived as a leisure time activity. Sociologists began writing about the implications of increased leisure time in 1960s, and sociologically speaking it became more a complex phenomenon.

Tourism is considered as an element which has not only economic but also cultural and scientific value. The need for diversity rose from heterogeneous perceptions/expectations of tourists and sometimes, the phenomena of tourism become a potential danger for man and environment. These risks appear due to the lack of intercultural communication, lack generated by carelessness or ignorance. Socio-cultural impacts arise when tourism brings changes in value systems/behavior or threatening indigenous identity. There are changes or loss of indigenous identities or values due to co modification, standardization & adaptation to tourist demand leading to cultural clashes and unethical issues like crime generation, child labor, prostitution and sex tourism.

The development should have an economic, social and an environmental dimension, that have a sound balance made between the different components that contribute to the general function of natural environments – the function of life support. Sustainable development via sustainable tourism must use the resources sustainably, reducing over consumption, supporting local economy, training and recruitment of local personnel at all levels, improving the quality of tourism product and making tourism a part of planning



Dr. Ziya A. Pathan completed his Doctorate in Sociology with the topic entitled “Muslim Elite: A Sociological Analysis” from Karnataka University, Dharwar in 2006. The idea of supremacy has been visualized and Muslim Elites are studied as a moral resource and as a source of inspiration for the minorities and backward community. The research attempts to understand the socio-economic and prominent factors responsible for the emergence of Muslim Elite. The inter-generational as well as the intra-generational mobility is studied, the degree and direction of social mobility among the Muslim elite and the profound coherence with people of other community.

Dr. Ziya is spearheading as an Associate Professor in Department of Sociology, Ambo University, Ethiopia and liaising as an instructor in Dept. of Sociology for P.G. Courses and as major research advisor presenting new & innovative ideas for research, guiding inter-departmental research and community service research with his previous experience at Ethiopian Civil Service University’s College of Policy studies and Wollega University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Ethiopia.

He has published 5 books on issues like rural urban linkage for enhancement of rural livelihood, Devaluation policy in South Sudan, Child marriage & Mechanism of construction and building policy along with he has published several research articles in various international journals on subjects concentrating on higher education, marital conflict, household industries, enabling the disabled, health and inequities and aging and so on.