Dr. T. Ravimanickam Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019


Department of Zoology, School of Science,

Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India

Title of presentation: Cytogenetic approach in human blood cells


Several man-made chemicals find their way into the environment and pose health risk to human population. The comet assay is one such state-of-the-art technique for quantitating DNA damage and repair in vivo and in vitro in any eukaryotic cell. Result shows that in the lowest age group of <20 years the lymphocytes of the study group showed very good integrity as nearly 90% of the cells had a diameter ranging from 20 to 40 mm, which means that their DNA were intact without any SSBs and no significant tail formation was seen. The remaining 10% showed very little damage as only tail lengths of about 40 to 60 mm were seen. This might be due to the environmental factors inducing the SSBs.

KEYWORDS: Traffic Police, Comet assay chromosomal damage and Pollution