Dr. Sunil Kumar International Organizing Committee Member INFES- 2019

Dr. Sunil Kumar

Professor & Deputy Registrar

Alliance School of Business, Alliance University

Bengaluru, India

Dr. Sunil Kumar is Professor of Economics at Alliance University, Bengaluru. He also holds the position of Deputy Registrar (E&E) at Alliance University. Dr. Kumar has more than 16 years of academics and administrative experience. He firmly believes in the transformational power of education and approaches his teaching and learning in the classroom from that perspective. He actively fosters critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills in his students through his pedagogical methods. Dr. Kumar has developed a tool, “Occupational Interest Schedule” copyrighted by Government of India that enables in the identification of occupational interest of students.

Dr. Kumar has completed his, D.Litt. in Economics, Ph.D. in Economics, M.Phil. in Economics, MA in Economics and PGDM. He has also completed various certification courses in Economics and Management from the institution of repute such as Stanford University, University of California, University of Texas System etc.

Dr. Kumar is also active researcher. He has published several research papers and articles in national and international journals of repute. He has also presented research papers in national and international conferences. He is also member of various international organizations and journals of repute all over the globe.

Dr. Kumar has received first prize as Top Leader in Leaderboard during ACBSP 2016 Conference in Atlanta, USA. He has received various award such as, National Award of Excellence 2018 “Adarsh Vidya Saraswati Rashtriya Puraskar”, Best Academician of the Year Award (REAA 2018), Outstanding Faculty Award and Best Professor in Econometrics Award. He has also achieved the badge of Business Administration Specialist at SalesForce platform with ICT Academy, Govt. of India.