Dr. Shams Hoque Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019

Dr. Shams Hoque

Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Daffodil International University (DIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Title of presentation: Postmortem of the ‘Post-Truths’ about the Efficacy of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in Bangladesh ELT


Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach has been introduced for English Language Teaching (ELT) in Bangladesh in the early 1990s. Having implemented many ELT projects including DfID funded large ones, e.g., English Language Teaching Improvement (ELTIP) and English in Action (EIA), an end of project report claims considerable success of CLT in Bangladesh. The key-note paper aims to explore the ‘truths’ and ‘untruths’ of these claims to present the ‘post-truths’ of Bangladesh CLT in relation to prevalent pedagogic predicaments and academic prospects pertaining to the rural reality vis a vis actual prescriptions of CLT approach. The paper also delves into issues including strengths and weaknesses of the English teachers with regard to their own English proficiency, professional prejudice, perception and practices. Relevant qualitative and quantitative data from a questionnaire survey administered on 150 CLT practitioners, a face-to-face semi-structured interview with five out of those 150 participants, three head teachers, and two EIA teacher trainers were used in constructing the paper. Findings conclude poor English language proficiency of the teachers, ineffective teacher training, low teacher motivation, poor learner motivation, lack of guidance and supervision, absence of Continued Professional Development (CPD) provisions for English teachers have resulted in an unsuccessful CLT program in Bangladesh.

Key words: CLT, ELT, Post-Truths,  ELTIP, EIA, Bangladesh, CPD


Shams Hoque has taught English language and literature for about four decades in a few countries including England, Turkey, Malaysia and Bangladesh. His specialism is in ELT including linguistics, SLA, language curriculum and teacher empowerment. He has published quite a few of his research reports in language and literature in Bangladesh, India, Canada and the USA. He has attended and presented many conference papers in Great Britain, USA, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Estonia and Ghana. He is experienced as a facilitator of workshop and seminar. Currently, he is completing his Ph.D. at the University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Malaysia.