Dr. R. Vijay Solomon Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019

Dr. R. Vijay Solomon

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Madras Christian College (Autonomous), East Tambaram, Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India

Title of presentation: Computational Designing pyridine based Extractants for Actinide and Lanthanide Separation in Nuclear Waste Treatment


Recycling of the reusable components of nuclear waste as new fuel is an important strategy to ensure not only the sustainable development but also safe disposal of radioactive wastes.  However, the major challenge in the nuclear waste partitioning is the separation of trivalent actinides (AnIII) from lanthanide products of fission (Eu).  In order to selectively extract actinides, we need some selective and stable ligands able to separate actinide (AnIII) cations in the presence of large amounts of lanthanide (Ln) metal ions. In this regard, pyridine derivatives are identified as one of the highly selective and efficient ligands in the separation of actinide from lanthanide.  In this talk, it is aimed to explore the extraction behaviors of trivalent actinides (AnIII) and lanthanides (LnIII) with various pyridine derivatives using computational techniques. Further, the electronic structure and covalency nature of these complexes and their role in the design of new extractants for future applications will be covered.