Dr. Nabin Chandra Das Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019

Dr. Nabin Chandra Das

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Mahatma Gandhi University

Meghalaya, India

Topic of presentation: Education and Women Empowerment: A Study on Scheduled Caste Women in Majuli Island


Women, the marginalized section of society, discriminate in all spheres of life basically in male dominate society.  Women constitute almost half of human race and legging behind of this section can’t be say as developed society. They need to be empowered in every spheres of life. Education is one of the powerful instruments for empowerment of individual, community and society as a whole. Education helps in developing confidence in individual and community about their own capacities, inherent strength to shape their lives and thus enhance the inner strength intellectual, political, social and economic and stand against oppression, exclusion and discrimination. So, it could be noted that education is the key factor for women empowerment. Present work is undertaken on Scheduled Caste women of Majuli Island to understand the role of education in empowerment of women and enhancement towards social, economic, political and spiritual strengthen of the marginalized section. Both primary and secondary data have been collected for the present study. Primary data which is used for the study are collected from field work by filling up interview scheduled. Secondary data are collected from development offices, journals, books and internet. The study reveals that SC women are lagging behind in economic, political, social and decision making spheres because of poor educational background.

Keywords:Education, Empowerment, Women, Scheduled Caste