Dr. M. Arun Key Note Speaker INFES- 2019

Dr. M.  ARUN

Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Title of presentation: Improving the  tocopherol composition in Indian soybean cultivars by targeted over-expression of γ-TocopherolMethyltransferase (γ-TMT) gene

Abstract: Tocopherols are collective form of unsaturated α-, β-, γ-, and δ-tocopherols and tocotrienols. Though all tocopherols and tocotrienols are potent antioxidants, α-tocopherol is the most active form in terms of vitamin E activity in humans. The reason for such difference in activity is due to the presence of α-tocopherol transfer protein (α-TTP) in humans which shows maximum affinity towards α-tocopherol. Hence, the vitamin E activities of α-tocopherol is significantly higher (100%) compared to other tocopherols (β-, γ-, and δ-tocopherol = 50, 10, and 3 % respectively). Clinical evidence suggests that daily vitamin E supplementation in excess RDA (22.5 IU or 15 mg of α-tocopherol) results in several health benefits to humans. Tocopherols are rich in oilseeds crops and in the case of soybean, the seeds generally contain relatively high concentration of γ-tocopherol (60–65% of the total) and δ-tocopherol (20–26 %) than α-tocopherol (7–10 %). It is a well-known fact that α-tocopherol has the highest vitamin E activity compared to other tocopherols. Hence, improvement in γ-tocopherol to α-tocopherol conversion is considered to be a promising research priority. This can be done by the genetic manipulation of the vitamin E biosynthetic pathway in soybean by the transfer and over-expression of γ-TMT gene under the control of a seed-specific promoter.In such attempt, targeted over-expression of Perillafrutescensγ-tocopherolmethyltransferase gene using seed-specific promoter vicilin improved the tocopherol composition in Indian soybean cultivars. In addition, the over-expression of Pf-γ-TMTgene was calculated to have increased vitamin E activity of transformed soybean seeds by 3.5-fold of cv. Pusa 16, 2.7-fold for cv. PK416, 3.8-fold for cv. Gujarat soybean 1, and 3.4-fold forVL soya 1 compared to vitamin E activity of respective WT seeds.

Keywords: Soy bean, Gene transfer, γ-TocopherolMethyltransferase.

Biography: Dr. M. Arunpresently working in Bharathiar University and he got Ph.D.degree, from Bharathidasan University. He started his research carrier as a Research Associate in Department of Genetic Engineering, SRM University, Chennai and Scientist in Bio Ultima Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, Chennai. In addition to this he was selected as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Department of Horticultural Science, Kyungpook National University, South Korea in IBK21 Programme. Then he moved to Cell Communication Lab, Gyeongsang National University to continue his Post Doc research.