Dr. Biplab Kumar Das Keynote Speaker, INFES-2019

Dr. Biplab Kumar Das

Department of Zoology, Silapathar Science College, Dhemaji, Assam, India

Title of presentation: Potential application of geographic information system (gis) and remote sensing (rs) in river analysis


This study illustrates the potential application of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to support the river analysis and its management. Remote Sensing and GIS are familiar as an influential tool to attain this purpose in aid of a well-versed management decision system. The integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing has provided a tool, which can contribute to much clearer understanding of real problems as well as prescriptive planning scenarios to enhance the quality of river analysis and its management. The study of morphology of fluvial land form through a combination of remote sensing, GIS analysis and field observation to better understand the morphological characteristics and the dynamics of the river with particular emphasis on bank line and wide changes.

Fishes are one of the most abundant groups among the vertebrates, both in terms of number of species and individuals. India is known for its rich aquatic biodiversity specially the fish diversity. At the same time, the increased population and environmental degradation have caused damage to this biodiversity. This damage could be severe and may result in loss of genetic diversity, populations and eventually to the extinction of species.

 Key words: GIS, RS, Conservation, Spatial Analysis, Aquaculture


Dr. Biplab Kumar Das did his Ph.D. in the year 2015from Department of Life Science and Bioinformatics under School of Life Sciences, Assam University, Silchar, Assam. He had done his M.Sc. from Assam University, Silchar in the subject Life Science (Zoology) securing First Class. He has significantly contributed in the field of Fish Biodiversity, Entomology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS). His topic of Research is Biodiversity, Remote Sensing and GIS. He had presented many research papers in National and International Conference/Seminar/Symposia. Also he had attended a numbers of National and International Workshop, Training Programme etc. Dr. Das had been awarded with Young Scientist Award-2014 by the of theICCB-MSET, Jharkhand; and also once again he conferred “Eminent Young Scientist of the Year Award-2015”bythe Confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi for his outstanding contribution in the field of Biodiversity, Fish Biology, Entomology, Remote Sensing and GIS. He had also selected for Best Poster and also Best Oral Presentation in different International and National Conferences. He had published numbers of Research Papers in National and International Journals having NASS Rating and Impact Factor. He has number of Book Chapters and also edited numbers of books. He is also external reviewer of many National and International journals.